Functional Agility Analysis

Agility can be defined as the ability to move quickly and easily and the ability to think and understand quickly.  These qualities are hugely important for a healthy body.  When playing sport we need to be able to respond to a stimulus quickly, e.g football, rugby, racket sports.  As we age our balance and co-ordination deteriorates and this has been proven to correlate to a reduction in muscle strength and function, i.e. poor balance and co-ordination = poor muscle function.  By training our minds to perform these functions better we can move and think quicker and therefore enhance our athletic performance and the performance of day to day tasks.

In keeping with latest scientific reports, the team at the Foot and Leg Clinic understands the importance of improving balance, co-ordination, reaction times, muscles power, etc when recovering from injuring, to prevent injury, and to slow the ageing process of joints and muscles.

Our in-depth agility analysis measures your balance, reaction time, muscle power, and more. The Foot and Leg Clinic team are very excited to introduce this analysis and know we are unique in our assessment procedure.  We provide you with numerical values of the various relevant tests, this is then used to assess your progress over a period of time.