gastcroc and soleusCalf Muscle Tear

The calf consists of two main muscles, the gasrocnemius and soleus, which work to plant the front of the foot on the floor to help propel the body forward when walking, running and playing sport.

Injury to the calf muscle usually occurs during periods of acceleration or when we change in direction quickly. Poor foot posture plays a part in calf muscle tears as the excessively pronated foot (flat feet, pes planus) or supinated foot (high arch, pes cavus) will increase the strain on the calf. Application of these additional stresses on the calf muscles during repetitive loading or when suddenly changing in direction, may be too much for the muscle to withstand, and it will eventually breakdown/tear.

The Orthotist or Podiatrist will carry out a biomechanical assessment, looking at foot posture as well as knee and hip position, when moving, and decide whether foot orthotics, foot mobilisation treatment and/or physiotherapy is required.

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