Biomechanical Assessment

What is a Biomechanical Assessment

A biomechanical assessment is the analysis of the body’s movements when you stand and walk.  It is the close analysis of how the different joints of the body are positioned, how the different muscles of the body are working, and how one misaligned joint in the body affects the position and function of another joint of the body.

There comes a point when our body struggles to cope with the constant stress applied on it from our everyday lives. Gradually, the ground pressure from our day to day tasks such as standing, walking and running, will bring about changes to the position of the bones in our feet, knee, hip and spine.

This will result in an imbalance of muscle activity surrounding that joint, e.g. one muscle may over work whilst its antagonist underworks.  This then creates an imbalance in the stress applied to muscles and joints in the body, and this overload of stress applied to the same area of the body will eventually result in injury or a very slow recovery time from injury. Not to mention the added frustration and often levels of associated depression.

Accurate biomechanical assessments are few and far between in the UK.  Many only involve assessment of the foot and fail to understand how the position of the foot affects the rest of the body.  Others don’t include a walking assessment or analysis of the client’s movement pattern in their chosen sporting discipline.  Often a neuromuscular assessment is not included at all.

THE FOOT AND LEG CLINIC’S method of biomechanical analysis (or full biomechanical ‘MOT’ as some have referred to it) has been tried and tested on those with day to day aches and pains to Olympic athletes.

The Foot and Leg Clinic’s biomechanical assessment differs from all others in the country as we have adopted a different approach to diagnostic techniques. We utilise high spec technology to highlight position changes of the foot, knee, ankle, pelvis, spine and leg when you stand, walk or play sport, in-order to understand why specific groups of muscles and ligaments are performing differently and ultimately causing pain or reduced mobility

The Foot and Leg Clinic have advanced equipment to aid the assessment although where we really differ is the knowledge of the Orthotist.

Whilst high spec software is a fantastic tool as part of a biomechanical assessment, it alone will never be good enough to accurately diagnose an injury and devise a treatment plan. It is essential that the clinician has an excellent knowledge of clinical biomechanics in addition to good problem solving skills, in-order to accurately diagnose and prescribe treatmen

In addition to investing in this high spec technology, The Foot and Leg Clinic invests many hours and finances in further education. It is the combination of this specialist knowledge in conjunction with this high spec technology, and highly skilled multidisciplinary team, which ensures that The Foot and Leg Clinic provide the best Orthotics and Biomechanics service in the country.