We have moved from Hampden Foot Clinic located within Hampden Sports Clinic to Hyndland Clinic in the West End of Glasgow

The Foot and Leg Clinic has moved from the Hampden Sports Clinic, to Scotland’s unique rehabilitation centre in the West End of Glasgow.  Working amongst some of the countries mostly highly qualified and experienced health professionals will ensure you receive the best possible solution to your injury!

Mhairi Friel works closely with the expert Physiotherapists, Doctors and Surgeons and will often carrying out a joint biomechanical assessments with the Physiotherapist to ensure the patient receives an accurate diagnosis and the best possible treatment to their pain.

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Hyndland Physiotherapy Clinic 170 Hyndland Road Glasgow G12 9HZ

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At the Hampden Clinic, patients can take advantage of the newly refurbished rehabilitation gym, the hydrotherapy pool or the sports science lab.

Hampden Foot Clinic located within the Hampden Clinic

The Foot and Leg Clinic recently moved from the Hampden Sports clinic. Mhairi Friel is a clinical specialist. Her recognised expertise has led her to hold clinics at the well renowned Hampden Foot Clinic located within Hampden Park Stadium. Mhairi Friel also helps patients suffering with daily aches such as knee pain, foot pain, heel pain, back pain or leg injuries, and patients struggling to maintain standing or walking balance as a result of a neuromuscular condition. Biomechanics at Hampden Clinic utilises the very latest video gait analysis and foot pressure software and our specialists invest year on year to ensure both knowledge and facilities are as good as they can be. Mhairi has a good knowledge of biomechanics and understands that foot orthotics are NOT always the solution to back pain, knee pain, foot pain or leg pain. Let our team of clinical specialists alleviate your pains/concerns and provide you with a pain-free solution.