Narrow heels? Wide forefoot? Bunions? High arch?


Shop footwear is manufactured from standard last shapes and sizes. Not all feet fit these lasts, leaving millions of you unable to find shoes to fit your feet. The Foot and Leg Clinic is able to accurately measure your feet and select footwear from a vast range of lasts which are designed to accommodate your foot shape.

Completely custom footwear, uniquely made from a cast of your feet, also available!

You may require footwear simply because you cannot find shoes to fit or require footwear for clinical reasons. For those that require supportive/corrective footwear, at The Foot and Leg Clinic, we recommend you book an appointment for a clinical assessment first to ensure you are provided with the best fitting and supporting footwear.

The Foot and Leg Clinic provide fully bespoke and semi bespoke footwear to accommodate every foot shape. We provide support which is built into the shoe when required for a large array of reasons, for example; to accommodate a foot position which may be inhibiting balance and causing pain, those suffering from arthritis or patients suffering from Diabetes or Neuropathy.

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