Knee Brace

knee braceKnee supports and knee braces are removable devices which when fitted around the knee, provide support to the knee, therefore creating comfort, improved balance and a return to sport.

Knee supports come in many forms and are used for patient of all body shapes and activity levels. In general knee braces can fall into the Structured Knee Brace or Soft Knee Support category. The soft knee support is most often prescribed by the Orthotist to improve proprioception and provide comfort to those with an arthritic knee or for patient with loss of knee stability that are not suited to wearing the more structured knee brace.

A structured knee brace is prescribed for treating sport injuries, non sporting knee injuries and knee arthritis.

Knee Brace for Sport Injuries 

The ligaments of the knee are essential to maintain stability of the knee joint. Injuries to knee ligaments are common in sports, particularly in football and skiing.

Damaged ligaments, not surgically repaired, can be supported by wearing a structured knee brace. The knee brace will offer the patient a feeling of confidence and security as it increases knee joint stability, allowing the patient to return to sport or their normal everyday activity.

There are a variety of knee braces in the market. The Foot and Leg Clinic will carry out the biomechanical and/or clinical assessment in order to advise you on the most appropriate knee brace.

Knee Brace for Arthritis in the Knee Joint

Image knee ligament damageHope is not always lost for patients diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the knee joint. In fact, a Knee Brace, often when worn with well designed foot orthotics, have been scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of knee pain associated with Osteoarthritis within the knee joint. An X-RAY is required for accurate orthotic prescription.

Knee Brace for Patella Dislocations

Knee braces can support the knee in reduce patella dislocations. In addition to wearing a knee support, the patient should seek advice from the health practitioner with regards to strengthening around the knee, and also the core.

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