Get a Running Assessment at The Foot and Leg Clinic

With now over 2 million people in the UK are running at least once a week. 70% of runners getting injured each year. At The Foot and Leg Clinic we will assess your running technique, with an aim to transform any injury-prone joggers to skilled, injury-free runners.

Whether you are looking to run your first 5km or you are a seasoned marathon runner we will advise you on the best ways to maintain an efficient and injury-free running career.

We can improve your technique in an hour:

Step 1 Evaluation & Running Assessment

Our Running Analysis includes a thorough review of your training history followed by a comprehensive running specific assessment which includes the measurement of your strength, flexibility, alignment and movement capacity.

The aim is not to position your foot, knee, hip, or leg in “perfect” or “neutral” alignment because science has proven that this does not exist.  Gait analysis, performed by an experienced and knowledgeable clinician, will highlight areas of joint and muscle imbalance.  E.g. where one muscle group is working harder than its’ antagonist in-order to compensate for a muscle weakness which has resulted from misalignment of a joint.  This is important because the imbalance of stress within a joint and between muscles is the reason for injury and/or poor recovery from injury.

Foot strike is very important. Any changes in the part of your foot that strikes the ground first (e.g. striking with the heel, midfoot, or forefoot), will alter the position of the ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, and therefore change the pattern of muscle activity around each of these joints through-out the gait cycle, due to the change it creates in the angle of the Ground Reaction Force.

We work with you to assess how you are loading the foot; on heel strike, foot roll-over, and push-off phase of gait.  In order to achieve this, we must assess alignment and joint/muscle function around the knee, hip, and pelvis too.

Our running assessment is a comprehensive analysis of how all the main joints are positioned and functioning.

Step 2 – Video Running Analysis: 2D/3D Analysis & Review

A picture says a thousand words… a video says even more. You cannot ‘cure’ a running injury without looking at running technique. Our video running analysis helps us spot biomechanical and technique faults that need to be addressed.

Our advanced gait analysis software utilises infra-red lights to analyse the difference between numerous left and right foot lower limb parameters.  The analysis software provides statistics of each of these parameters and once following our running gait advice programme, we expect to record improvements in these figures, indicating a more energy efficient and safer running style.

Step 3 – Tinker Technique: Re-education & Rehabilitation

We can improve your style within the hour. We will trial and test different cues to improve your running efficiency, such as; arm swing, stride length, pelvic position, forward lean, foot strike. The gait analysis software will tell us if we have made statistically significant improvements.