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Client Comments: Client Name Overall I am happy with the service I received (Point 1 – 10, 1 = strongly disagree, 10 = strongly agree) I would recommend friends/family to this clinic (1 = strongly disagree, 10 = strongly agree)
“I know what that is and we can fix it”. I was delighted to hear those words from Mhairi. I’d had an MRI and steroid injections, yet one consultant, two doctors and two podiatrists were left scratching their heads. I’d had a painful left ankle for more than a year, which isn’t good for a TV cameraman who films adventure programmes and competes in triathlon. Gradually over 3 months, with mobilisation, directed exercise and custom orthotics, I’m getting back to normal. Thank you. S Willis 10 10
I have searched for 10 years to get an accurate assessment and treatment for my condition. Mhairi has provided a complete holistic treatment for me, which has made a genuine improvement to my condition and overall quality of life Campbell 10 10
Absolutely life changing.
Friendly, professional and a pleasure to have treatments done.
P Burns 10 10
Problems with sciatica and shin splints for over a year. Mhairi quickly assessed me and diagnosed the problem. She put an action plan in place – I was up and running again within 6 weeks after a year of problems Anonymous 10 10
Excellent, cured my back problems,changed the shape of my feet, allowed me to run again. It really worked for me. CD 10 10
I am very happy with my treatment and can see some improvements already. I am confident that if I continue to do my homework that further improvement should follow. Cameron 10 10
Very good and most importantly informative in relation to what’s being carried out by the physio during every session. I Benson 10 10
Experience has be excellent so far. Issues were identified quickly and reasons for these were explained thoroughly. Treatments have been beneficial in correcting issues. After every appointment, I go away feeling I’m making more and more progress. F Murray 10 10
I volunteered for 3 sessions of foot manipulation. Rebecca was very professional and I noticed a difference with the treatment – lower leg/ankle not as sore. D Somers 10 10
Excellent thorough assessment from Catriona. Equally helpful fitting from Mhairi. Too early to review actual orthotics but so far so good Algar 10 10
My experience was surprisingly pleasant! I was expecting to be in more pain and embarrassed, but I found it to be friendly, informative, and relaxed. L McGowen 10 10
My experience was surprisingly pleasant! I was expecting to be in more pain and embarrassed, but I found it to be friendly, informative, and relaxed. L McGowen 10 10
Excellent. I received a treatment plan that is customised to my needs. C Doherty 9 10
I am delighted. Within a fortnight of attending the clinic, I am experiencing vastly reduced levels of pain B Price 10 10
Very positive getting a thorough examination and getting answers that various GP’s and physios couldnt give me . Then I had immobilation treatment for both feet and finally some insoles made which are gradually helping my mobility C Corrigan 9 10
Mhairi was terrific from start to finish and was really keen to work with me to improve my running gait without orthotics the resultant change in 4 sessions is quite pronounced and is allowing me to run orthotic free for the first time in 7 years which is quite liberating also no re occurrence of my injury. Very pleased couldn’t recommend highly enough 🙂 P White 10 10
Thought my treatment was absolutely excellent. Mhairi transformed my feet after a fairly extensive operation on both feet and has allowed me to continue my life to the full. Allison 10 10
I had been really suffering with my feet and I did a bit of research, and I came across this clinic. My feet feel fantastic and I am more mobile and doing a lot more exercise walking. It’s thanks to Mhairi that I have achieved this. I would recommend this clinic to my friends. Thanks again for your help and very much appreciated Macleod 10 10
Friendly professional and high standard of treatment provided. Would highly recommend Gurevitz 10 10
Now had 3 appointments and have felt extremely trusting of all the diagnosis and treatments recommended. Have always had everything discussed and explained in full and always felt that Mhairi gives 100%, leaving me feel very looked after. Montgomery 10 10
I went to see Mhairi based on a recommendation from a friend and couldn’t have found her more helpful or knowledgeable. She is so enthusiastic about what she does that she gets you inspired to work with her to help yourself. In my case this was through a combination of sessions of foot manipulation, exercises at home and finally, custom fit orthotics. She has really helped me to understand the causes of the foot and lower leg pain that I’ve suffered for years and do something about it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and am looking forward to seeing her for a progress check in a few months. A Cameron 10 10
Professional, informative, constructive and caring Annonymous 10 10
Was having issues with overpronated feet and have been to see Mhairi at the clinic for multiple appointments for mobilising and have had orthotic insoles made. This combined with the exercises I was given at my appointments is slowly reducing the pain over time. Very happy with the service. L Cameron 10 10
Able to have an appointment quickly. Given a full examination and assessment to find the problem. Detailed advice and specific support given over a number of appointments – which solved my problem with my foot. General advice for future activity has been very helpful. Very satisfied with overall experience, would not hesitate to return for advice and help. Rooney 10 10
Very good advice and personalised timely treatment from the specialist, Mhairi L Newman 10 10
Been attending for a couple of months always provide a great service. My son is only 13 so it’s great that within a week of visiting Mhairi he had his orthotics fitted resulting in almost an immediate impact on his pain levels. Follow up service and support was great too. Davis 10 10
I had a follow-up visit which was well conducted. Mhari reviewed progress from last visit and initial presentation. She identified changes especially from exercises. On reflection wish we had consolidated way forward esp re exercise, walking before I left. Joyce 10 10
Attended clinic for assessment of my walking difficulty. Thorough workup conducted by Mhairi and appropriate help put in place. R Lever 10 10
It was a very useful and informative experience. Mhairi was very kind and helpful and very knowledgable. Nicholson 10 10
Mhairi was very knowledgable about the treatment required and the exercises I needed to do before my next visit. All round a good experience Stuart 10 10
Very happy with advice & services supplied by Mhairi S Dykes 10 10
Mhari was excellent. I have been wearing my orthotic insoles since October 2016 and they have certainly made a difference to my foot. However, after a MRI scan the orthopaedic foot consultant has discovered damage to two small joints under my heel and I have an appointment to see her at the beginning of March 2017. R Nicholson 10 10
I found it to be excellent. The orthotics are very beneficial. Perhaps it would have been good if the appointments could be on time (I travelled from Ayr by train. I would recommend the Clinic. Blyth 10 10
Seen on time, thorough assessment, friendly service, very helpful advice overall. Wasmer 10 10
Lovely service. Mhairi was so friendly, put you at ease and allowed you to ‘tell your story’. Very helpful in terms of explaining what she was doing and also in making small adjustments. B Dunphy 10 10
First class. Very happy with my treatment and the helpful advice. Thanks again. Alex 10 10
I found the service very professional. The treatment with bespoke inserts for my shoes helped greatly to alleviate foot and knee pain. I now enjoy long walks again. Van der Meer 10 10
Excellent – speedy diagnosis of the problem, and effective remedial plan put in place, including useful exercise suggestions that have reduced re-occurrence of the problem. Poggi 10 10
Excellent knowledge on the nature of my injury and more importantly treating the origin of injury instead of just the symptoms. I would highly recommend this practice to others. Conlon 10 10
Very happy with practitioner and orthotics prescribed. McLaughlin 10 10
I had a bio mechanical assessment and it highlighted the problem. I now have custom made orthotics and these are working well. The whole assessment was done in an informative, friendly and helpful manner. Mhari explained everything very clearly and the whole experience was extremely positive. McCabe 10 10
It was professional and effective Black 10 10
Helpful. Seeing improvements. Deans 10 10
Mhairi’s results and background in biomechanics gives me the confidence to refer her any patient we believe requires an assessment or orthotics.
Not only is her understanding fully comprehensive, she utilises the most appropriate devices to ensure objective accuracy – pressure plates, treadmill and video analysis help you to gain a thorough understanding of your problem, then what is necessary to rectify it.
Kirsten Lord, Physiotherapist And Managing Director Of The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre 10 10
Having never been to see an Orthotist before I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first consultation with Mhairi. However, I was instantly put at ease by her easy, professional manner and obvious clinical skill. I was also extremely impressed by her quick grasp of what my issues were and her practical approach. The orthotics she made me have had a massive effect in reducing my symptoms. Thanks Mhairi! Kate 10 10
I went to see Mhairi at The Foot and Leg Clinic when the pain in my foot started to increase a few years after I had sustained an injury. I went for an assessment with Mhairi and she took ownership of my injury straight away by carrying out a number of tests and finally referring me for an x-ray so we could really get to the bottom of the pain. I now know what is wrong with my foot and how to manage the issues going forward. She’s been really helpful and most of all honest about the injury I have. I’ll continue to use Mhairi for preventative orthotics and it always seems like she’s looking for the latest technique to try and help improve my situation. I have a poorly treated lisfranc injury and with the help of The Foot and Leg Clinic I’m living a fairly active life with minimal pain. Simon Ledwick 10 10
Good Understanding Of My Sporting Needs. I had been suffering from calf injuries for a number of years which were ultimately resulting in me having to almost stop playing hockey and only occasional squash. I was referred to Mhairi who through the use of video and assessment identified an issue with the action of my foot plant. A pair of insoles were made to ‘encourage’ my foot to move in a more normal fashion. Within three weeks of getting the insoles I was running 5k and back in full training for hockey and squash with no ill effects. A year further on I am still managing to train and compete on a regular basis without the problems I previously experienced. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mhairi to anyone with possible gait issues. I found her to be a very thorough and sympathetic clinician with a good understanding of my sporting needs. Niall Sturrock, Head Of Sport And Recreation, University Of Strathclyde 10 10
I have suffered for a number of years with a problem of flat feet especially the left foot which even after a relatively short walk gave me quite a bit of pain. I Googled Foot Problems on the internet and Mhairi’s name and information came up, how lucky was I, I hit the jackpot!! This young woman is the tops in her field, she very quickly identified what my problem was and set about getting custom made orthotics and began mobilising my feet. I cannot say it wasn’t painful having the treatment but ‘no pain, no gain’, certainly applied to my treatment. My left foot had over the years inclined inwards and now with the treatment from Mhairi and exercises. It has really straightened up, in fact it’s amazing the difference. The orthotics have balanced me and I find I can now walk very comfortably, I bless the day I met Mhairi, she is totally dedicated to her job, would not let any patient leave her clinic unless she was totally satisfied she had done all she could to help. She is also a pleasure to meet, so friendly and humorous and puts you at ease the moment you arrive. Thank you so much Mhairi, you are a star!! Pam Harvey, Peebles 10 10
I returned to playing hockey after a ten-year gap and was loving getting fit again. Unfortunately, this increase in my exercise levels was not met by the same level of enthusiasm by my lower legs. My shins and calves became increasingly painful as time went on. After several months I was not bring able to run or walk any distance without numbing my shins and calves with freezing sprays and worrying about any lasting damage I might have been doing. I initially saw a physiotherapist who advised me I had shin splints and to see Mhairi Friel as he felt the problems originated from my feet. Mhairi did a really thorough assessment of my gait and weight distribution on my feet and advised and supplied insoles to improve my over-pronation. After eight weeks of wearing my insoles, no high impact exercise and carrying out specific exercises prescribed by Mhairi I returned to light training and was amazed by how much less pain I was in. Even teammates were commenting on how much more comfortable I looked when I ran. I am now back to full training and with the season starting I am looking forward to being able to enjoy exercising again. Jill McMaster 10 10
I have worked with Mhairi Friel with a number of athletes across a number of sports and she has provided an unbeatable support to these athletes. She has worked very closely with me as the physio and various coaching staff to provide advice and orthotic prescription at the highest level which best suits the individual athlete’s needs. I would highly recommend her as a podiatrist. Maggie Bush 10 10

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