metatarsalgiaMetatarsalgia is the generic name used to describe pain in the ball of the foot – i.e. pain under the metatarsal heads. Significant stresses are placed on the metatarsal bones during our daily weight bearing activities and it is perhaps not surprising that these bones are commonly injured.

Examples of some of the conditions associated with the metatarsals are:

  • mortons neuroma,
  • metatarsal stress fracture,
  • hammer toes,
  • claw toes,
  • metatarsal phalangeal joint (MPJ) displacements,
  • freigbergs
  • arthritis.

Foot posture is an important factor to consider when treating ‘metatarsalgia’, as the foot’s alignment will define the position of the metatarsals.

Foot pronation (flat feet, pes planus) or foot supination (high arch or pes cavus) has a direct affect on the load which passes through the metatarsals, therefore by restoring foot posture we can reduce metatarsalgia related conditions.

Foot orthotics and non orthotic foot therapy technique which the Foot and Leg Clinic offer can change the foot’s posture, therefore reduce load through the site of injury and promote healing.