Mortons Neuroma

Mortons Neuroma

Image of Mortons NeuromaA mortons neuroma is a build up of nerves endings between the metatarsal heads in the foot.

The patient with a mortons neuroma will likely suffer from ‘pins and needles’ or numbness in some of the toes on the affected foot, or feel a burning sensation in the ball of the foot.

A mortons neuroma can usually be diagnosed by a good clinical examination although an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) or Ultrasound will confirm this diagnosis.

A mortons neuroma is caused by compression of the metatarsal heads. This may be the result of an accumulation of factors, such as tight fitting footwear, bunions or an over pronated foot (pes planus, low arches or flat feet).

The symptoms associated with a mortons neuroma can be reduced with foot orthotics or surgery. In some cases patients cannot fit foot orthotics within their footwear without reducing the space around the metatarsals, therefore potentially aggravating the mortons neuroma. In this situation Stride Orthotics non foot orthotic therapy technique works well to reduce the associated symptoms, WITHOUT depending on foot orthoitcs.