Patella Tendonopathy

Patella Tendonopathy

Knee Injury PatellaPatella tendinopathy is injury of the patella tendon, which joins the knee gap (patella) to the shin bone (tibia).

Patella tendinopathy can produce pain in the area just below the knee gap and sometimes a feeling of increased knee stiffness.

Patella tendinopathy injury may result for a number of reasons, such as;

  • weakness in the muscles surrounding the knee joint,
  • weakness or inhibited activation of the muscles that surround the hip joint,
  • poor foot position or poor proprioception mechanisms.
  • Poor foot position includes excess foot pronation (flat feet, pes planus)
  • foot supination (high arch, pes cavus).

A biomechanical assessment will highlight the areas of reduced muscle activity and identify excess foot pronation or foot supination. Foot orthotics may be required to restore foot posture and help to strengthen hip and knee muscle. The biomechanical assessment will also highlight the need for Physiotherapy or Osteopathy involvement.