How it works

How a Biomechanical Assessment works at
The Foot and Leg Clinic

Our vision at The Foot and Leg Clinic, is to provide the best possible biomechanical assessment in Scotland and to monitor the patient’s progress from initial biomechanical assessment, through to treatment, biomechanical review, and discharge safe and free of pain.

Following our flow chart and video link for a quick understanding on what we do and why we differ

Our Biomechanical Assessment includes:

  • Sit down chat to help us understand your concerns, previous treatments you’ve tried, your goals.
  • Standing and walking (cycling and other if required) assessment using high tech analysis software
  • Hands on foot and ankle assessment to learn how your joints are working
  • We computer analyse your joint strength and flexibility in all directions with regards to measuring these parameters in terms of power, velocity, force, range of motion, fluidity, and velocity. We save these recordings and compare against your future measurements whilst you progress through the rehabilitation programme.
  • Our walking assessment includes computerised measurement of numerous parameters of gait; such as step length, stride length, flight time, contact time, propulsive phase, pace, speed and more…
  • We computer analyse and measure your standing balance, your sway whilst walking, your jump height, acceleration power, squat alignment, squat and hip power and height and more…
  • We work with you to improve your walking or running style. The client will keep an eye on their TV screen whilst the clinician will observe different data from the PC. The PC data will indicate gait changes required and if performed accurately by the client as they walk, the client will see their TV screen change from Red (bad L) to Green (good work!). At the same time the clinician will see their data alter, and this is key to a better gait and less injuries.

Treatment Pathway Explained

Biomechanical Assessment

The treatment prescribed will depend on the accuracy of your biomechanical assessment, therefore the Foot and Leg Clinic have worked hard to ensure our biomechanical assessments are thorough.


The body and how it handles the different stresses placed upon it is fascinating. It is only by experience and study that a clinician is skilled enough to consider the greater range of possible causes of their injury and prescribe appropriate treatment. Foot mobilisation, foot orthotics, or strengthening is not always enough to resolve pain and it is an irresponsible, less experienced clinician, that advises that foot orthotics will be the answer to all body aches and pains. This is simply not how the body works. The Foot and Leg Clinic will consider all the possible causes of injury and devise a treatment plan accordingly.

Treatment may include:

  • foot mobilisation,
  • foot orthotics,
  • strength and conditioning programme,
  • refer to a different specialist such physiotherapy, bowen therapist, Orthopaedic specialist, rheumatology, psychotherapist, or other.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan we devise for you is intended to reduce the stresses applied on to the injured tissue to allow it to heal. We follow this back up with a biomechanical review 2 months after initial assessment.

We want patients to leave our Gait Lab, following their biomechanical assessment, with a solid understanding of their own unique biomechanics. Once free with this knowledge the patient will be prescribed a treatment plan and a good understanding of why the need to adhere to this plan.

Biomechanical Review

The patient will embark on their treatment and rehab programme and return for a biomechanical review 2 months later. It takes this long for the muscle pattern in the body to naturally change, therefore to analyse changes in movement patterns sooner that 6 weeks is not scientifically valid, muscle activity in the body will not have changed until that point.

Gait Re-Training

Our software allows us to improve your gait by analysing an array of gait parameters and recording this data in real time. We work with you to improve your gait in the real world, and you’ll have the computerised measurements to prove it!

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