Why We’re Different

Our Values

At the Foot and Leg Clinic we offer our patient’s an excellent clinical service from start to finish.

Our aim is to provide the best possible quality of care to our patients, whilst maintaining an caring, upfront, honest, and reliable approach at all times. We want our patients to be happy with the service they receive and The Foot and Leg Clinic aim to match patients expected outcomes, as outlined at their initial appointment.


Our aim is not to provide a ‘quick fix’ solution to symptoms caused by biomechanical inaccuracies or neuromuscular conditions. We aim to educate patients on the reason for their injury, how to move forward and maintain and improve their wellbeing, not just for a few months or a year following supply of their orthotics, but for several years which follow.

Team of Specialists

We work very closely with highly skilled Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Surgeons and Sport Doctors within the renowned Hampden Sports Health and Injury Clinic in Glasgow and Scotland largest independently owned Physiotherapy Clinic in Edinburgh, The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre.

For those patients that attend the clinic by referral from their Physiotherapist, Osteopath, GP or other healthcare practitioner, the Orthotist will happily forward a report and call to discuss the patient’s biomechanical assessment with their external practitioner.

Science for the sole

Mhairi Friel practices what she preaches! Since graduating from University she has completed countless courses on biomechanics and foot orthotics. Foot orthotics is a science, there is vast amounts of valid published research which is evidence of the benefit of foot orthotics. Mhairi in very much up to date with current biomechanical concepts and applies this evidence in the clinical setting, ensuring evidence based clinical practice. These values are passed on to all Foot and Leg Clinic clinicians.

For a small group, Foot Orthotics are not suitable/effective, as is true for all other conservative musculoskeletal treatment methods. Practicing The Foot and Leg Clinic’s honesty values, patients are educated on the fundamental science of foot orthotics and body strength and conditioning. We offer a non-orthotic foot therapy treatment, which when performed on the appropriate patient, resolves foot pain, knee pain, leg pain, hip pain and lower back pain WITHOUT wearing foot orthotics.

Some patients attend the clinic with a bag full of orthotics, disappointed that none has worked for them. In this situation, on the appropriate patient, the non orthotic foot therapy technique can allow the patient to wear the required orthotics, not only comfortably, but they start to work!

Foot Orthotic Manufacture at our ONSITE WORKSPACE

The most common method of foot orthotic manufacture is carried out on a Cadcam machine. We previously utilised this method of manufacture although have now reverted back to the good old fashioned method of manufacture, as we feel our patients respond better to treatment this way.

Following an in-depth biomechanical assessment, the clinician takes a cast of the foot and ankle in the required position.

The Orthotics are rectified by hand by the clinician, we feel this is more accurate as the assessing clinician has a better understanding of the required prescription than the technician.

Following rectification, the technician will manufacture the orthotic shells, adhering to the prescription ordered by the clinician.

The patient will select their orthotics covers. The final stages of orthotic manufacture are completed onsite at the patients fitting appointment. This way we ensure the orthotics are a close fit to patient’s footwear.

Orthotic Repairs and adjustments

Occasionally, orthotics require adjustment following supply. Please note this appointment is carried out at no additional cost to the patient.

Our Goal. Learn more. Treatment Pathway

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