Foot & Ankle Assessment

Are you walking your 10,000 steps per day?

Looking for foot pain treatment? Consider the number of steps you’ll take by the time you’re 70 years of age… 3,650,000 steps per year = a LOT of stress placed on your feet!

No wonder we see so many clients with arthritic foot joints and clients who have undergone foot, knee, and hip surgeries.

Looking for foot pain treatment? Don’t just expect your body to handle the stress you place upon it, take care of it. Allow us to look after your feet and avoid those aches and pains, injuries, or surgeries through-out your lifetime.

Mhairi Friel performs our Foot and Ankle Assessments

At The Foot and Leg Clinic we provide foot pain treatment and what we believe is the best foot and ankle biomechanical assessment in the country.

  1. we don’t believe you should be assessed by foot and ankle clinicians fresh from University, or by a team of clinicians with a “combined years of experience”.  The foot is a complex structure and this assessment is the most important part of the MSK analysis, therefore only our foot and ankle specialist clinician will perform your foot and ankle assessment. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands.
  2. Triage clinic provided. We have teamed up with a top consultant to provide medical assessment and imaging such as x-ray or MRI. This allows for a clearer diagnosis which is not possible by clinical assessment alone. For those that require foot surgery, our vastly experienced consultant can assist and will discuss your options with you at length.
  3. The Foot and Leg Clinic’s MSK Foot and Ankle Biomechanical Assessment includes:
  • a static stance assessment to analyse how the foot, knee, hip, spine, and head are positioned in relation to each other and prescribe foot pain treatment and other treatments
  • various clinical static assessments
  • computerized foot pressure mapping
  • non-weight-bearing assessment to analyse the foot and ankle joint and muscle function
  • video gait analysis (time permitting)
  • If required, referral to GP, Consultant, x-ray or other imaging
  • Joint assessment with our foot and ankle specialist Orthotist and Surgeon as and when required

Following our flow chart and video link for a quick understanding on what we do and why we differ:

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