Orthotic Manufacture

Check out our own onsite workshop – we love it.

We manufacture all our prescribed custom foot orthotics at our own workshop.

Manufacturing your insoles at our own workshop. Having our very own workshop offers a significant advantage to the quality of orthosis produced and allows us to guarantee our patients a super speedy and accurate service. We are very proud of the orthotics we produce and would like to share this with you!

Benefits of owning our own foot orthotic manufacturing facility:

  • Speedy delivery times! Our foot orthotic delivery times are standard 5 working days however if you require your orthotics the following day then just let us know and we’ll get them ready for you!
  • The clinician who carries out the biomechanical assessment is responsible for over-seeing the quality and design of foot orthotic manufactured. This ensures that the patient receives foot orthotics which are an accurate match to their foot shape and size, and also ensures that all The Foot and Leg Clinic’s foot orthotics are manufactured precisely.
  • The clinician has the benefit of working closely with the technician to guarantee that all foot orthotics are manufactured to the clinician’s exact specification.
  • We spend the time rectifying the cast accurately, therefore we don’t need to attach heel wedges for additional correction. Meaning the orthotics are less bulky than the average pair of foot orthotics.
  • We most often manufacture our foot orthotics from carbon fibre however we stock a vast range of materials and are therefore able to offer our patients the exact material which is most suited to their needs.
  • The Foot and Leg Clinic most often utilise carbon fibre when manufacturing our foot orthotics. This is an extremely durable material and is provided with a long life guarantee. You don’t need to purchase a whole new pair of foot orthotics in a couple of years’ time, you simply have the same pair of orthotics refurbished!
  • We can ensure that our foot orthotics are kept nice and neat so they actually fit within most of your shoes!

Are you interested to learn how your foot orthotics are manufactured?


First the clinician takes a mould of your foot in order to make the insoles.
imp cast

The position of the foot during the casting process is imperative to the design of the foot orthotics. Any untrained person is able to take a foot mould, although an experienced clinician will know how to do this accurately.

Your foot mould is then filled with Plaster of Paris until set.
pouring plaster

The rectification process is carried out. This is when the cast is shaped to match the angle of correction required.


Next the orthotic technician will heat the appropriate material in the oven to the required degrees in order to drape the material over your cast. The orthotic technician will then vacuum form the orthotic shells over the plaster cast.

The orthotic shells will be trimmed on the router machine to match the cast.


Finally, the orthotic covers of selected material are attached over the orthotic shells and trimmed to match your shoe.

orthotic manufactures

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