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ankle braceThe Foot and Leg Clinic provide ankle supports to patients for a variety of reasons. An ankle brace may be required to support a weak ankle following an ankle sprain or to realign the ankle and foot.

An ankle support can be an off the shelf item or a custom made orthotic made from a cast taken of the ankle and foot. The off shelf ankle brace is most often a soft fabric support which is used to provide gentle control to the less stable ankle. Science tells us however, that following an ankle injury the patient is best to quickly embark on a rehabilitation programme, set out by an experienced health care practitioner.

The science associated with ankle injuries and rehabilitation is complicated, therefore The Foot and Leg Clinic would advise the patient to arrange an appointment prior to wearing on ankle brace.

Custom made ankle orthotics can be similar in appearance to an ankle foot orthosis, however the custom ankle brace is shorter in length at the calf. The specific design of the custom ankle brace will be decided at the assessment and casting appointment because every patient is different and required different control and correction.

Custom ankle supports are prescribed for patients with significant postural changes of the ankle and foot. The Foot and Leg Clinic would prescribe a custom ankle orthosis instead of foot orthotics when the ankle support required is too great for foot orthotics to control. Most often the custom ankle support is prescribed to those patients with an arthritic ankle or have a significantly low arched (Pes planus) or high arched (pes cavus) foot which is causing the patient extreme pain or significant loss of balance.

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