Our Goal

Our goal is firstly to get to the bottom of understanding the reason for your injury.

We aim to ‘fix’ the feet of the Scottish public, and spread the word of the amazing benefits of our unique method of foot mobilisation.

We know our method of improving foot posture and function is different to everybody else, however we also KNOW that this works!

Most clinicians in the UK prescribe foot orthotics to ‘fix’ foot posture.  Whilst we do prescribe foot orthotics, and manufacture these at our workshop, we only supply foot orthotics to those who absolutely require them.  Instead, we work on a more natural method of improving foot posture, function, and strength….

Let us introduce you to Foot Mobilisation

The clinicians at The Foot and Leg Clinic also know that foot orthotics, and/or foot mobilisation are not enough to restore the body back to its’ physical best on their own.  Our clinicians will also devise a foot/ankle and lower limb strengthening programme and advise on footwear.

We work with a team of specialist clinicians of varying disciplines right here at the clinic and often refer the patient to a physiotherapist, myofascial expert, doctor, podiatrist, or a consultant, if we find that the problem/injury does not stem from the foot.

In summary:

  • The Foot and Leg Clinic work in a way that is best for the patient at all times
  • We utilise the best gait analysis equipment and have a very knowledgeable and experienced clinician performing our biomechanical assessments.
  • Therefore, you are much more likely to receive the correct treatment and advice for your injury.
  • We strive to restore foot posture and function naturally
  • We prescribe foot orthotics ONLY when required, and work with a multidisciplinary team of experts who will work to restore joint alignment and muscle strength and function around the knee, hip, pelvis, and spine.

So, we can be confident that the patient receives the best possible solution and care of their injury.

How do we ‘fix’ feet without foot orthotics?

We work on a very specific method of foot mobilisation, combined with foot and leg strengthening.  This specialist method of foot mobilisation was devised by an Australian Podiatrist and is quickly spreading around the world.  Our clinicians travel to learn foot mobilisation and are excited to bring it to Scotland.

If foot orthotics are required then the clinician will prescribe these, however, we prefer the more natural and accurate method of treatment and will work on improving foot position and strength the correct way first!

But how do you know if my foot needs to be fixed?

Mhairi Friel, Biomechanist and Orthotist, carries out an in-depth biomechanical assessment at the clinics awesome Gait Lab.  Our Glasgow Clinic Gait Lab is located in the West End of Glasgow, working in conjunction with The Hampden Sports Clinic.

The biomechanical assessment involves close analysis of the position and function of all the small joints/bones in the foot and ankle.

We utilise all the best, most up to date, clinical gait analysis software in-order to capture accurate information with regards to the position of the foot, knee, hip, spine, neck, and leg when walking or running.

What’s more is that you have use of this advanced clinical gait analysis software at an affordable cost, and a fraction of the cost of what other clinics around the UK charge.

To arrange an appointment call The Foot & Leg Clinic now on 0141 433 7402, or book an appointment online today.