Biomechanical Assessment: Video Gait Analysis

How we provide a biomechanical
assessment like no other.

An accurate biomechanical assessment is still few and far between. Many only involve assessment of the foot and fail to understand how the position of the foot affects the rest of the body. Others don’t include a walking assessment or analysis of the client’s movement pattern in their chosen sporting discipline. Often a neuromuscular assessment is not included at all. All of these points are required in order to truly identify the cause of the injury and to understand how the patient’s joints are positioned and functioning.

In short, we believe our biomechanical assessments are THE BEST because:

  • Our equipment is super high tech! Only set up in Scotland
  • Our biomechanical assessment is thorough and affordable. We provide an in-depth biomechanical assessment which is affordable and more cost effective.
  • Our biomechanical assessment are ONLY performed by our specialist clinician

Treatment Pathway

What’s a biomedical assessment?

How it works

Who would benefit

Expert Clinician: An accurate biomechanical assessment requires an experienced and skilled clinician in order to ensure the ‘bigger picture’ is seen.  Sometimes the injury is not as simple as the clinician may believe it to be.  At The Foot and Leg Clinic only Mhairi Friel performs our assessments.  Mhairi has 15 years clinical experience and continues to work with all sporting disciplines, including military personnel, Olympic athletes, several of Scotland’s top premier club footballers, professional dancers, boxers, and many more.  In addition to gaining years of experience treating the country’s top athletes, she also has excellent knowledge of the biomechanics involved with arthritic joints and neuromuscular conditions.

This knowledge, along with the use of high tech gait analysis equipment, means patients are safe in the knowledge that they are receiving an accurate and real biomechanical assessment at The Foot and Leg Clinic.

biomechanical assessment educationMhairi Friel has a BSC in Orthotics and an MSc in Podiatry biomechanics.  This difference, and why her background allows for a more accurate biomechanical assessment than the average Podiatrist, is that Orthotics is the study of biomechanics of the body as a whole, and not just the foot. Orthotics includes the study of biomechanics that relates to neuromuscular conditions, sport related injuries, arthritic conditions, diabetes, and other.  This thorough understanding of the much broader picture of how the body works allows Mhairi Friel to perform an accurate subjective biomechanical assessment and highlight when the problem relates to a misalignment of the foot, as opposed to the hip, knee, or even from tension around the head.  In some occasions the patient’s injury may relate to an undiagnosed neuromuscular condition, and in this instance Mhairi’s undergrad degree in Orthotics means she has the skill and knowledge to notice the small neuromuscular changes in the body that many other clinicians will have missed.

How does the client know their treatment is working? Because their clinician tells them?  We have proof and use objective measuring equipment.

  • The only 3D natural motion treadmill in Scotland, so we can take 360 degree video footage. The treadmill also doesn’t have the same ‘spring effect’ as standard treadmills have, meaning that is captures real natural walking patterns, similar to ground. Standard treadmills are more ‘springy’ and pull the foot into a more flat foot posture when running, so doesn’t capture accurate natural movement patterns of the foot
  • biomechanical assessment hi tech equipmentWe have excellent facilities to perform your biomechanical assessment
  • We have 2-different camera capturing software systems included as part of our biomechanical assessment. We can take measurements of the degree of misalignment around your foot joints, ankle joint, knee joint, hip, and spine. And discuss the effect this has on your body as demonstrated by slow time video’s which we’ll play back for you.
  • Our foot pressure plate is included as part of our biomechanical assessment. We utilise plantar pressure plates and scans which are constructed using robust and accurate capacitive sensors. The plate capsures detail of the loading patterns through the feet.
  • We utilise infrared lights and camera’s to provide clients with an instant report of their gait assessment. We review this 2 months after treatment and provide another report, highlighting improvements.  This brilliant new software captures precise kinematic detail of your walking, running, and even squat patterns when training.
  • We can analyse your biomechanics during training sessions
  • Video Feedback: You, the patient, will observe the TV screen in-front of you as part of treadmill biomechanical assessments.  This will encourage you to make real time changes to your walking or running pattern to allow the clinician to analyse the effects.
  • We capture all sorts of fancy information of your movement patterns
  • Save a copy of your biomechanical assessment report.  We’ll provide you with a copy of your own biomechanical repor


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