Strength and Flexibility Assessment

Strength and conditioning: Strength and Flexibility, a computerised Analysis

What is this?

Strength and conditioning: This is a revolutionary computerised method of analysing joint and muscle strength and flexibility;

• around individual joints
• comparatively of the left and right side of the body
• evolutionary through-out the rehabilitation process to allow us to monitor your progress accurately

Who would benefit?

Strength and conditioning. We could all benefit from a strength and flexibility assessment of the body.

• Elderly to discourage deterioration of joint function
• Athletes of all sporting disciplines to maximise power and performance
• Weight lifters and strength and conditioning trainers; excellent method of assessment to analyse performance and safe training.

For the musculoskeletal system to function well, one obvious factor of importance is equilibrium around the various joints of the body. To reduce the risk of injury, we want an equal application of stress around a joint and a balance of activity of the muscles which surround the joint. Otherwise, this abnormal loading pattern will result in over activity and/or inhibition of certain muscle groups and an increase in compressive or tensile stress within one area of a joint compared to another. The result is injury, pain, slow/failure to recover from an injury.

How does this work?

We accurately measure the strength and flexibility of any joint in the body via a device connected to our computer which is attached to the joint to be measured.

We analyse strength and flexibility of various joints of the body under every angle of rotation in terms of power, force, range of motion, fluidity, and velocity.

We also assess joint strength and power when the client is lifting weights.

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