About The Foot and Leg Clinic

Who We Are

The Foot and Leg Clinic

The Foot and Leg Clinic is an extension of the original company, Stride Orthotics, which was created in Scotland in 2009.  Stride Orthotics initially began as a clinic based in Glasgow which specialised in biomechanical assessments and foot orthotics.  An Edinburgh branch of the clinic was then opened during that same year.

Since then, The Foot and Leg Clinic has grown significantly, primarily on a ‘word of mouth’ basis, and the company now has separate divisions, including:

  • Biomechanics Gait Lab
  • Foot Mobilisation
  • Foot Orthotics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Podiatry Services
  • Orthotics
  • An Educational Service

Stride Orthotics is now appropriately named
Stride: The Foot and Leg Clinic.

The Foot and Leg Clinic is established in Glasgow, with patients regularly travelling from as far as Ireland and the Scottish Orkney Islands for our expertise.  The Foot and Leg Clinic specialises in musculoskeletal and neuromuscular complaints of the foot, knee, hip, lower back and leg.  Our specialist Biomechanist carries out in depth biomechanical assessments at our Gait Lab utilising advanced video gait analysis software, infra-red light cameras, and foot pressure software.  The Biomechanist carries out these assessments and works with the Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Massage Therapist, Nutritionalist, Osteopath, Doctor or Surgeon in order to diagnose and then treat the injury.  It is essential that the patient is treated as part of a highly skilled multidisciplinary team such as this. By working together in this ‘face to face’ manner, we avoid the miscommunication which can all too often be detrimental to patient care and progress. The Podiatrist or Orthotist may be experts in their fields, but collaboration and pooling of knowledge always ensures the optimum outcome for the patient.


The equipment we use at The Foot and Leg Clinic are excellent diagnostic tools. However, it is the skill and knowledge of the clinician which makes the difference.  Mhairi Friel is the founder of The Foot and Leg Clinic and the senior Orthotist and Biomechanist at the clinic. She heavily invests in her education to ensure she is the most knowledgeable and experienced Foot and Ankle Orthotist in the country!

Our Podiatrists and Orthotists are qualified and practice excellent customer care and attention.

Who we help

We treat a range of patients from a variety of backgrounds and injuries – from Olympic athletes to recreational athletes, patients with joint and muscle aches, patients suffering from arthritis, neuromuscular conditions, who struggle to walk or who can’t find shoes to fit.

The Foot and Leg Clinic is long experienced in treating athletes of all disciplines, and 40% of our patients are high end or professional sports people.  The Foot and Leg Clinic treats many of the country’s top athletes and works with the Institute of Sport, Scottish Ballet, Scottish Football Association, and Premier Football Clubs.

To arrange an appointment call The Foot & Leg Clinic now on 0141 433 7402, or book an appointment online today.