Verruca Treatment

Verruca Treatment in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Verrucae are a type of wart that appears on the foot caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. Usually they are found on the sole of the foot however can present around the nails too. They are passed from person to person through direct contact. Environments that are warm, moist and damp like swimming pools and gym changing areas provide the perfect breeding ground where the virus can thrive. If an infected foot leaves any skin cells on the floor then it is very possible to walk across the floor and pick up the virus especially if your skin is cut or scratched.

Verrucae are usually harmless and pain free lesions on the sole of the foot that can resolve themselves over time. However many people experience pain from these lesions because hard skin builds up over them which makes it uncomfortable to walk.

Most commonly children and teenagers present with verrucae however they can affect anyone at any age. Verrucae most often have a cauliflower appearance with black speckles which are caused by little blood vessels embedding themselves in the lesion. A method a podiatrist may use to distinguish verrucae from other skin lesions would be to pinch the lesion. A verrcua would be painful upon pinching the lesion. Other skin lesions are painful on direct pressure where pinching illicit no pain.

There are a number of treatments for verrucae including acid based therapies, laser therapy, cryotherapy and needling. Never self treat with acid therapies if you have poor circulation, diabetes or are pregnant.

Commonly used in the Hampden Foot and Leg Clinic is the cryotherapy method, our podiatrist will reduce the verruca down with a scalpel then apply bursts of liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide gas to initiate the bodies immune response. This treatment is done at intervals over a number of months. This therapy can be used in combination with acid therapies, ensuring the verruca is covered the patient can still swim and take part in activities after this treatment.

Unfortunately there is no one method that cures verrucae as it is a viral infection however here are a number of tips to deal with verrucae:

  • Attend podiatrist for regular reduction of verrucae tissue.
  • File down verrucae with emery board.
  • Keep covered with Clear Nail Polish or Duct Tape to prevent spreading.
  • Don’t share towels.
  • Wear flip-flops in communal areas.
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