Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing

Why our Biomechanical Assessments are excellent and popular

3D Natural motion treadmill

We capture video footage of you walking and/or running on a natural motion treadmill.  We invested heavily in this treadmill because we believe in the importance of an accurate biomechanical assessment. The treadmill allows us to record static and dynamic images from all angles and it does not maintain the “spring’ effect found in most standard treadmills.  The “spring” found in most treadmills tends to pull the foot into a greater degree of pronation, therefore natural daily foot patterns are not necessarily captured.

3D Video Gait Analysis

We capture movements in multiple planes of motion and  calculate the degree of rotations around the foot, ankle, knee and hip.  We have various camera capturing software systems included as part of our biomechanical assessment.  For full use of the camera analysis we recommend you book the Silver of Gold Gait Analysis. 

  • Our software systems are scientific, tried and tested accredited at University level. 

Infra-red lights and cameras

This excellent modern software captures precise kinematic detail of your walking, running and even squat and balance patterns.  It has the ability to capture important technical information with regards to gait, as part of the biomechanical assessment, and is made possible by the infra-red light system utilised.

  • We measure the loading times and patterns through various areas of the feet and then measure these comparative differences through the left and right feet.  Specifically, our walking assessment includes computerised measurement of numerous parameters of gait; such as step length, stride length, flight time, contact time, propulsive phase, pace, speed and more…
  • computer analysis of your standing balance, your postural sway whilst walking, your jump height, acceleration power, squat alignment, squat and hip power and height and more… (available as part of the Gold Gait Analysis appointment)
  • We measure your jump and hop height and power (available as part of the Gold Analysis Appointment)
  • We measure your reaction to visible and audio stimulus (available as part of the Gold Gait Analysis appointment)

A technical report is produced which can be used comparatively to measure improvements/changes in gait patterns at your review appointment.

N.B. The biomechanical report is available as part of the Gait Analysis and Running Assessments and not available as part of the Foot and Ankle Assessment

Video Feedback

  • Video Feedback: You will observe live stream video on the TV screen in-front of you as part of treadmill biomechanical assessments.  This will encourage you to make real time changes to your walking or running pattern to allow the clinician to analyse the effects. 
  • we then connect to the video feedback software, which suggests real time gait changes the patient should make to bring the statistically differences into a normal range.  It’s pretty cool, the patient literally watches the numbers on the TV screen change whilst walking with suggested gait changes such as arm swing or enhancing heel strike.
N.B. Video Feedback is available as part of the Gold Gait Analysis and not the Silver Gait or Foot and Ankle Assessments. 

Foot Pressure Plate

As part of your biomechanical assessment, we utilise plantar pressure plate scanners which are constructed using robust and accurate capacitive sensors.  The plate captures detail of loading patterns through the feet.

Personalised Biomechanical Report

Following the biomechanical assessment, you will be provided a biomechanical report which details summaries of the most relevant findings and suggested prescription.  With authorisation, we will also forward this biomechanical report to your GP or other clinicians involved in your 

Choose from our Silver or Gold Gait Analysis
(Running Analysis also available)

What the gait analysis software systems allow us to do: 

  • It motivates the subject to constantly improve their conditions 
  • Objectively evaluate and monitor joint functionality and muscle strength during rehabilitation phases and for training a certain area of the musculoskeletal system. 
  • Quickly identifies any posture deficiencies, problems or
  • Immediately delivers numerical values, helps prevent relapses, complications and regressions of the disease or post-accident condition by periodically checking the results obtained and the effectiveness of the treatments 

Based in Glasgow's West End

Our consultants are based in our clinic in Glasgow’s West End. Call us on 0141 433 7402 or book an appointment online.

Our Silver and Gait Analysis explained

Silver Gait Analysis

How it works:

  • The clinician performs static, non-weight bearing and dynamic assessment
  • VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS and 3D natural motion treadmill are used to highlight joint rotations which may be the cause of your injury.
  • The software system measures your step length and loading parameters and compared left and right feet.
  • FOOT PRESSURE PLATE: can be an option as part of the gait analysis we use plantar plate scanners to capture loading patterns through your feet.
  • Additional measurements to those mentioned in the lines above are available as part of our gold gait analysis.

Allow yourself around 1 hour for the silver gait analysis appointment.



Our Gold Standard Gait Analysis


How it works:

We have heavily investigated to be able to incorporate 3 different analysis software packages to be able to analysis multiple data of your gait. We are able to do so much more than just highlight joint positions from a video taken of your walking and running gait. We do that, in detail, but also much more!

Specifically, we are able to show you the position of your foot, knee, hip, spine, shoulder and head at each different phase of the gait cycle. We analyse this information from a video play back of your walking and running. 

Most clinics now offer some sort of video play back but where we differ is in our ability to understand what this information actually means. In addition to this, we measure detail which is not possible to capture from a video analysis; measure in numerical value your balance and coordination and direction of movement.  AND at the same time whilst this information is being captured, measured and analysed we have another software system running which is capturing and measuring information at the level of your feet to analyse info such as step length, loading times, flight time…


Why our GOLD GAIT ANALYSIS is worthwhile:

  • The software systems we use today represent the most advanced system for obtaining information about the lower part of the body. The software we use makes it possible to not only highlight joint rotations when standing and walking but to ALSO quickly and accurately obtain the measurement of the space-time parameters of your gait, when walking or running.  The information measured is used to determine disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
  • The ideal tool for those who want to receive an objective evaluation of the human movement analysis in a quick and intuitive manner without any reduction in precision of the data measured.
  • Offers services that can be compared to the industry gold standards
  • The system contains the latest generation components that are used for carrying out accurate and repeatable measurements of acceleration, angular velocity and magnetic field in three dimensions.


What our Gold GAIT ANALYSIS software does for you:

  • It motivates the subject to constantly improve his conditions
  • Objectively evaluate and monitor joint functionality and muscle strength during rehabilitation phases and for training a certain area of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Quickly identifies any posture deficiencies, problems or asymmetries
  • Immediately delivers numerical values, helps prevent relapses, complications and regressions of the disease or post-accident condition by periodically checking the results obtained and the effectiveness of the treatments.


What happens at the GOLD GAIT ANALYSIS?

  • FOOT PRESSURE PLATE: as part of the gait analysis we use plantar plate scanners to capture loading patterns through your feet.
  • GAIT ASSESSMENT: A bluetooth device, connected to the computer, is attached to the clients body as they walk. The movement of the trunk is analysed in each phase of the step and, through advanced algorithms, specific parameters of the analysed test are estimated such as: sidewards imbalance, the movement of the trunk and direction which your body moves, coordination in the trunk, difference between how the upper and lower body moves, gait stability.
  • STATIC STANCE, JUMPS, HOPS, SQUATS, ANKLE MOVEMENTS: we capsure and provide numerical values for measuring postural sway, reaction times (how fast you respond to visual and audio stimulus), hop, jump and squat techniques… This system enables evaluating the relative contribution made by the various components of the postural system (visual, proprioceptive of different origin, labyrinthine, etc.).
  • JUMP ANALYSIS: analysing your jump tells us a lot about your lower limb strength. With this system we measure lower limb strength directly, and using appropriate algorithims, accurately and repeatably provide data relating to both eccentric loading phase and to the concentric thrust phase. 
  • MEASURES JOINT FUNCTION AND MUSCLE STRENGTH: the bluetooth device is positioned on various joints of the body before the client is asked to perform specific movements for the system to then capsure, measure and record numerical values of the joint range and muscle strength. So cool!
  • BIOFEEDBACK; after analysing the gait analysis results, the client can be asked to walk again whilst observing the biofeedback on the TV screen. The clinician will give you instructions instruct you to make small changes to your gait.  If the changes are positive then then will be visible by the red, amber, green sys on the TV display.

ALL the information recorded is stored and sed at future appointments to measure he patients progress as they work through the rehab program to a better fitter and healthier body.

Our Services

Our clinicians can diagnose and treat a full range of conditions.

We have unparalleled experience with biomechanical assessments and work with top professional athletes around Scotland and provide the foot and ankle and biomechanics service to the Scottish Institute of Sport.

Our Physiotherapy Clinic works with patients to restore muscle balance around the various joints of the body in-order to reduce pain and reduce the risk of injury.

Manual therapy may include acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping, myofascial techniques or other therapy to relieve muscle tension that requires manual skill.

Orthotics are devices fitting externally to the body to support and improve the position and function of the joint to which they are fitted and improve the muscle function to those which surround the joint.

Podiatry (also known as chiropody) is the diagnosis and treatment by podiatrists (chiropodists) of diseases and other disorders of the feet.

The Foot and Leg Clinic specialists have studied Foot Mobilisation and are excited to introduce this wonderful method of fixing feet to as many of the Scottish public as we can.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound is a painless and harmless way to obtain pictures of structures in the body, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

At The Foot and Leg Clinic we understand that patient care is best as part of a team. Our aim was to create a multidisciplinary team of experienced clinicians who work together as a close team.

Shockwave therapy is the application of intense sound energy into stubborn damaged tissue to promote degeneration and is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence.

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