Knee Injuries

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries often relate to poor alignment of the foot, hip or both.

Knee Injury

Treatment for common knee injuries

There are a variety of common knee injuries which we treat at The Foot and Leg Clinic. 

It should be known that knee injuries often relate to poor alignment of the foot, hip or both. Poor foot alignment results in change in the alignment of the knee and hip, therefore results in a change in muscle pattern around these joints. 

This change in muscle pattern can cause injury due to the imbalance in joint and muscle load. It is important to address the alignment abnormalities by way of an accurate biomechanical assessment. 

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Treatment for knee injuries

The Foot and Leg Clinic carry out an accurate biomechanical assessment and prescribe a strength and conditioning programme to address the muscle imbalance. 

It is sometimes the case that foot orthotics and/or foot mobilisation therapy are also required to restore muscle and joint equilibrium in the leg. By improving muscle and joint function we can work to reduce tissue stress and aid healing.

We would suggest that the first step when treating a knee injury would be to consult with our physiotherapist.  The physio will be able to advise the type of treatment required at the assessment appointment, this may include a strengthening program or perhaps more vigorous treatments such as shockwave therapy.  

If the knee is poorly aligned then it may be that foot orthotics are required to restore joint and muscle equilibrium around the knee.  This can be confirmed by our in-depth biomechanical assessment.  The Foot and Leg Clinic are excited to be able to offer diagnostic ultrasound, provided by a sports doctor, in-house, for help in diagnosing knee injuries.  

A consultation with a surgeon may be required if all conservative treatment fails to fully heal the tissue.

Our Services

Our clinicians can diagnose and treat a full range of conditions.

We have unparalleled experience with biomechanical assessments and work with top professional athletes around Scotland and provide the foot and ankle and biomechanics service to the Scottish Institute of Sport.

Our Physiotherapy Clinic works with patients to restore muscle balance around the various joints of the body in-order to reduce pain and reduce the risk of injury.

Manual therapy may include acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping, myofascial techniques or other therapy to relieve muscle tension that requires manual skill.

Orthotics are devices fitting externally to the body to support and improve the position and function of the joint to which they are fitted and improve the muscle function to those which surround the joint.

Podiatry (also known as chiropody) is the diagnosis and treatment by podiatrists (chiropodists) of diseases and other disorders of the feet.

The Foot and Leg Clinic specialists have studied Foot Mobilisation and are excited to introduce this wonderful method of fixing feet to as many of the Scottish public as we can.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound is a painless and harmless way to obtain pictures of structures in the body, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

At The Foot and Leg Clinic we understand that patient care is best as part of a team. Our aim was to create a multidisciplinary team of experienced clinicians who work together as a close team.

Shockwave therapy is the application of intense sound energy into stubborn damaged tissue to promote degeneration and is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence.

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