Foot Pain: Why you need to try orthotics insoles

insoles orthoticsDo you ever suffer from back, foot or leg pain? Experience discomfort and a lack of strength in your lower limbs? Do the condition of your feet and your experiences of walking and exercising make you feel as though you’re struggling to feel well and healthy overall?

It’s time to look at orthotics and discover their powerful benefits.

Many clients realise that their entire body moves better and feels wonderful simply by using the orthotic products on offer from The Foot and Leg Clinic.

How your feet hold the key

It’s easy to forget about your feet and the vital role that they play to support your entire skeletal structure, health and wellbeing. With our feet encased in shoes all day, the choices we make about what to put on our feet – and underneath them to offer support – has a huge impact on every single joint north of our ankles!

The result of poorly fitted shoes

If you wear poorly fitting or the wrong the type of shoes for a period of time, your feet will cease to use their full range of motion and small contractile parts of your muscle leg will degrade over time. Put simply, this means that your body compensates for having to deal with poor shoe choices and your range of motion becomes compromised and lessened.

You may recognise this situation yourself and already be experiencing discomfort that may range from mild irritation to severe pain – sometimes in the feet, legs, hips or back – or even a combination of all.

The good news is that your body wants to heal itself, return to its natural alignment and function in its optimal, biomechanically efficient way, simply by ensuring that your feet are benefiting from the right foundation – rather than making things more difficult for your body by making it operate in bad footwear!

The benefits of contoured insoles

Orthotic insoles are expertly designed to reduce pressure for the wearer’s feet and to promote comfort. These semi-rigid orthotic insoles have measurable benefits in treating and preventing very common causes of heel and ball pain such as Plantar Fascilitis.

Equally, contoured and custom made devices are as helpful in lessening patient pain and discomfort as pricier, custom designed orthotics.

Dealing with flat feet

Flat feet also cause pain and discomfort where the arches have dropped. Sometimes, a good pair of supportive shoes can help. Trainers tend to offer the best solutions, along with corrective walking shoes, boots or running shoes. However, when it comes to work or your social life, you may need to wear a dress shoe.

Inserts can be vital, allowing you to wear your favourite pair of dress shoes without the pain and whilst knowing that your feet and entire body are being supported and protected. These orthotic inserts are a great flexible solution for people who want to avoid painful feet, whilst still looking good. As inserts, the products can entirely replace your existing insoles within everyday shoes, or supplement them.

Correcting problem walking patterns

Look at orthotic insoles too for the correction of irregular or abnormal walking patterns. They will help to make everyday movements such as walking, standing and running far more efficient and comfortable, by gently and subtly altering the angles at which your feet strike hard surfaces, reducing pain and tenderness.

Medical research supports the case that the majority of common foot problems can be effectively treated with quality orthotic insoles. The Foot and Leg Clinic’s specialists ensure that each of our products fully supports the arch and corrects over and under pronation issues.

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