How To Survive Wearing High Heels Over the Christmas Party Season

This article is not written by a podiatrist who recommends wearing high heels, however, written by a podiatrist who understands that many women are a slave to fashion.

Christmas is just around the corner and the party dates are already filling up the diaries. You may have thought about what you are wearing and you might have also thought about what to wear on your feet! You have the dreaded memories of kicking off your shoes after dinner and dancing barefoot the rest of the night, this year will be different!

High heels are a girl’s best friend, here are some top tips to avoid pain and allow you to spend your evening on the dance floor:

  • Purchase shoes in advance and wear them regularly before the big do. Try them on in store and briefly walk in them.
  • Shoe shop in the afternoon/evening when your feet are slightly swollen so you can last the night in them.
  • Ensure you purchase the correct shoe size, not the shoe size you would like to have!
  • The greater surface area of the shoe, the greater support it will have.
  • Choose a rounder toe box so your toes are not crushed at the front of the shoe.
  • If you have a wider forefoot but a narrow heel look for wide fit shoes with an adjustable ankle strap.
  • Visit your podiatrist in the run-up to make sure your feet are as comfortable and healthy as they can be.
  • Choose a heel type which you feel you can walk in.
  • Carry a pack of blister plasters in your handbag just in case!
  • Purchase gel cushions to make the shoe more comfortable and less likely to slip.
  • Stretch your calves before and after wearing heels, your Achilles tendon can contract and shorten in high heels, therefore, it can feel sore when you walk in flat shoes afterwards.
  • Avoid wearing high heels the next day.

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