Top Tips to Look After Diabetic Feet

1.  Make sure that you attend your annual foot review at your local surgery

Your bare feet will be examined by an appropriately trained person who will assess the risks of you developing complications in your feet. At the end of your annual foot review, you should be told your risk of developing foot problems and if you will be referred.

2. Check your feet every day

Check for any changes in your feet including signs of redness, damage to the skin, swelling or new build up of hard skin. Also look for any changes in the shape of your feet. If you see anything you are unsure of make an appointment to see our podiatrist today.

3. Be aware of any loss of sensation in your feet

Don’t go barefoot and avoid extremes of temperature if you think you have lost feeling in any part of your feet. This could lead to problems without you knowing until it’s too late

4. Stop smoking

Stop smoking, drink alcohol in moderation, maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly.

5. Look after your toenails 

Don’t cut down the sides of your nail as this could lead to ingrowing toenails or make them bleed. If you have any difficulty with your foot-care, make an appointment at our clinic.

6.  Avoid using corn removing plasters or blades

Plasters or blades of any kind as these may damage your skin. Corn Plasters contain salicyclic acid which creates a burn in the skin, often takes away healthy tissue as well as leaving most of the corn. This can then lead to the development of an ulcer, followed by infection.

7.  Always wear well-fitting shoes

These will protect and support your feet and whenever possible don’t wear shoes with bare feet.

8.  Maintain good glucose control

Good glucose control can prevent foot problems in the future by keeping the nerves and blood vessels that serve the feet healthy.

9. Always check the insides of your shoes

By checking the inside of your shoe you can guarantee there is nothing inside that could cause damage to the skin.

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